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Randers is known for its beautiful scenery with Gudenåen and Randers Fjord, and its long history as a market town. Randers offers a wide range of experiences for both children and adults, and has unique experiences in art, culture and history. Holiday in Randers also means cozy shopping, delicious dining experiences and exciting events. 

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The big things to see and do

Randers offers a number of interesting and fun attractions. Visit the tropical animals in Randers Regnskov tropical zoo or knock on the door to Elvis' house - a tribute to his house Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee - and a whole lot more!

Museums in Randers

Art Museum, Culturehistorical Museum or a local hospital museum - find here a list of the best museums to visit in Randers.

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Events in Randers

Here, you will find some of the biggest events in Randers as well as local tips to events for everyone.

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Are you looking for tourist information about Randers or Favrskov please contact us at  randers@visitaarhus.com  ( favrskov@visitaarhus.com ) or on the phone from Monday to Friday between 10am and 2pm on +45 86 82 19 11.


Randers offers a great number of charming and cosy places to spend the night, regardless of whether you prefer a well-reputed hotel, an old inn, or an intimate Bed & Breakfast.

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Free Experiences

Randers is packed with cultural experiences and many of them are free. This applies to both indoor and outdoor experiences - at museums, in the city a...

The Star Route

Randers is almost 1000 years old, and there are over 1000 good stories to tell about the city. On the Star Route you get the stories behind 15 places ...

Art and Culture

Art, cultural experiences and people there make an impression on the history of Denmark. Discover Randers' cultural power centers - you won't be disap...

For kids and the whole family

Randers has experiences for families and children of all ages.

Fall in Love with Nature ...

Nature Park Randers Fjord and Gudenåen

At the town of Randers, Gudenåen and Randers Fjord meet. The blue ribbon offers the most beautiful scenery and experiences at sea and on land. Explo...

Angling in Gudenåen and Randers Fjord

Gudenåen and Randers Fjord offer fantastic varied fishing. The transition from the Gudenå system to the salty bay water provides a wealth of fish spec...

Angling in the Gudenåen river

The Gudenå river flows through a very wide river valley with an interesting landscape. Owing to the quantity of water, the river is interesting for fi...

Udbyhøj Strand

Udbyhøj Strand is a family-friendly beach with nearby campsite and playground.