Experiences in Randers

Randers is Denmark's sixth largest city and offers all the facilities of a modern city without loosing its connection with its past. It has been known throughout history for its talented merchants and even today, you will find great shopping. The city is divided by the Gudenå River. So you only have to venture a few hundred meters from the city centre before finding some of the best fishing waters in Europe. The proximity to nature also allows for an active holiday with biking, hiking or kayaking in the beautiful surrondings of Randers. Finally, Randers is known for thinking out of the box. Where else in Scandinavia will you find a jungle with over 200 species of tropical animal living freely under three domes? Or find a replica of Elvis' home Graceland where you can learn about his life, music and see the world's 10th largest collection of his belongings.


In Randers you can get fantastic nature experiences even though you are still in the town. The river Gudenåen offers unique possibilities of fishing, sailing in canoe and kayak or simply enjoying the rich bird life during a walk along the river or in the meadows of Vorup Enge.

Go for a picnic or an excursion in the forests at Fussingø or in the cosy parks of the town. In Randers Dyrehave you can very close to the red deer and in Doktorparken you have the possibility of feeding the ducks.

History, Culture and Art

History awaits you around every corner with charming half-timbered houses, baroque castles and tales of brave men, who fought the invading enemy whether in 1340 or during World War II.


Randers offers one of Denmark’s best and most varied trade environments. Visit the narrow medieval streets, where the shops are established in cosy half-timbered houses, or Randers Storcenter.

Time for Stars

The stars visits Randers. No matter whether you fancy theater, concerts or other types of artistry, you will be entertained.