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Hvidsten Resistance Group

Hvidsten Group was a Danish resistance group during World War II. The Group recieved weapons and materials for obstructing German occupation by the British military. These shipments were dropped in Hvidsten and was hidden by the Group, which also shipped it to other resistance groups around Jutland.

Hvidsten Group was established by Marius Fiil, who was the owner of Hvidsten Inn, on March 12, 1943. After a visit from a close friend, doctor Thorup-Petersen, and Ole Geisner, a paratrooper from the British military, Marius Fiil was asked to join the effort of hiding weapons dropped at night by British airforces. Marius recruited several other people for the Hvidsten Group, and over time they were part of quite a few drops and transports of weapon from the dropzone to secret hiding places around Mariager and Randers. The dropzone was located in Allestrupgård north of Hvidsten, and was named Mustard Point by the British.

Due to several mishaps during their resistance, Hvidsten Group had to take a break and lay low in October 1943, as the Germans had become aware of activities by resistance groups in the area. When efforts to restart the work began in the spring of 1944, the German army was ready, and on March 11, 1944 most of the group was arrested. 6 days later the rest of the group was arrested, and the entire group was transported to Aarhus and later Horseroed. By July every member of the group were imprisoned in Vestre Prison in Copenhagen. Here, eight members of the Hvidsten Group were sentenced to death, two sentenced to lifetime imprisonment, two members were sentenced to 4 yeaqrs in prison, and two members - Marius' daughters - were sentenced to imprisonment.  

The executions took place on June 29, 1944 at Ryvangen, and every executed member of the Group were placed in a joint grave at Ryvangen. After the liberation all of the members who were executed were brought back to Hvidsten where they were given a heroes burial 100 meters from Hvidsten Inn.


The executed members were: 

Kroejer Marius Anthon Pedersen Fiil, born: 21-05-1893
Son of Marius Fiil, helper Niels Fiil, born :12-05-1920 
Son in law, brewery worker Peter Bergenhammer Sørensen, born: 02-06-1914 
Mechanic Johan Kjær Andersen, born: 07-02-1907
Radio salesman Niels Nielsen Kjær, born 02-04-1903 
Coach maker Søren Peter Kristensen, born: 20-08-1887 
Miller Henning Andersen, born 16-07-1917 
Veterinarian Albert Carlo Iversen, born: 23-09-1896 

Prison sentences: 

Barner Andersen (life sentence) 
Jens Stenz (life sentence) 
Anders Venning Stensgaard (four years) 
Knud Kristensen (four years) 

German imprisonment: 

Gerda and Tulle (real name: Kristine) 

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