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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Stay in the charming Hotel Randers with its many beautiful antiques. It has been the leading hotel of the town since the mid-1800s, and you can spend the night in the same rooms as the Danish entertainer Victor Borge, Christian X or Josephine Baker.


Hotel Randers is situated in the middle of the historical town centre, where you will find beautiful half-timbered houses and many shopping possibilities. Spend for instance the morning by exploring the Star Route. It is a 2.5-km long walk around to Randers’ sights and good stories. Follow the stars in the pavement.


A half-hour drive from Randers you will find Den Gamle By Open-Air Museum, which offers experiences from three time periods – the 1800s, the 1920s and the 1970s.


In the half-timbered houses you can see how people furnished their homes and what the workshops of the artisans looked like. It is also possible shop in the grocer’s shop of this time. In the playground, the children can try the swing boats, the carousel, the bowling alley or practise walking on stilts during the summertime.


From Easter until New Year Den Gamle By will be populated by actors, who make the history come alive. Visit for instance the kitchen maids and the yard’s hands, the housewife or the vicar’s widow and her daughter. Each of them dressed in exact copies of historical clothes.


In the 1927 Quarter the city view changes with streetlights, telephone wires, petrol pumps and mural adverts on the gables. Here it is possible to shop at the ironmonger’s or in the bookshop. In this quarter, there is also a Toy Museum and a telephone exchange.


In the commercial street of the 1970s, it is possible to experience our own history. Visit Poul’s Radio and TV Shop with reel-to-reel tape recorders, gramophones, and Gasolin and Slade LPs. Visit the commune, the nuclear family and the single female principal and buy a cup of coffee and a cake in the confectioner’s shop. You can also see a gynaecologist’s clinic and a window display of a mini market.


You should not forget to visit Museum Østjylland, Håndværksmuseet, Graceland Randers, Randers Kunstmuseum and naturally Randers Tropical Zoo.


Total price:  

Accommodation in Hotel Randers for 2 persons in shared double room, breakfast

2 tickets for Den Gamle By Open-Air Museum.

From DKK 960.

You can book your stay on tel. +45 86 42 44 77.

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