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Friday, August 2, 2013

A wellness experience at Salt Touch is good for both your body and soul. The clinic is situated in the heart of the clinic of Mariager’s Salt Centre, and therefore salt plays a special role in many of the treatments.

The clinic uses the products of Mariager’s Salt Centre, which are produced in the same way as in the Middle Ages. The salt is used for both massage and salt peeling. As a part of all treatments, you get access to the Dead Sea a salt water pool where the water temperature never gets below 38° C. The salt percentage is 30%, and it is impossible to sink. The Dead Sea is good for relieving sore joints, psoriasis, and just general relaxation.

Salt Touch only uses quality products among other Danish brands which contain natural beauty-enhancing ingredients collected in the Danish nature. Panpuri is wellness and luxury in a bottle without perfume or parabens. The series is based on the wisdom of the East with Thai herbs, which have traditionally been used as medicine.

Salt Touch offers ...:

- Facial massage

- Salt peeling

- "Time for the two of us"

- Full body massage

- Foot massage

- Dead Sea Spa

- Hotstone massage


Salt Touch looks forward to welcoming you in wonderful surroundings, with a view to Denmark’s most beautiful fjord; Mariager Fjord.

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Mariager Saltcenter

Mariager's Salt Centre

In Mariager’s Salt Centre it is possible to experience how the salt was made in the old days. Visit the boiling hut and the salt mine and try making your own salt over the large boiling vessels. Mariager’s Salt Centre also has a wellness department.