12 cycling routes in Randers

Randers offers completely unique experiences because of the amazing nature that surrounds the city. The river Gudenå, Randers Fjord, Kattegat and Marriager Fjord all combined make the grounds for hundreds of fantastic hours in the nature sorrounding Randers. Along with the great landscape come quiet and cozy roads that lead through beautiful villages, castles, manors, farm shops or just the amazing agriculture.

A cycling tour in the landscape is an experience, which cannot be appreciated enough and cycling in Randers is no exception. With 12 themed routes in and around Randers, we make it easier for you to plan your own personal cycling experience in Randers. With the clever combination of routes and landscapes these 12 themed routes not only offer great cycling, they also give you an intimate understanding about Randers' cultural heritage, the scenery, natural phenomena, etc.

12 Cykelruter i Randers og omegn

New pamphlet: 12 cycling routes in Randers

Go on a refreshing bikeride while you enjoying a good story. There are 12 different routes to take and they all vary in length. All 12 routes have different themes to accomadate the various stories that the routes provide and will take your bikeride to a whole new level. 

New map: Cycling routes and outdoor activities

On this map you can find 12 theme routes, regional and national cycling routes, outdoor activities, nature areas, best places for hiking and general attractions. Find the map here at VisitRanders.