Culture Paths - Randers

One museum, three markets and 15.000 years of history

Museum Østjylland has three keywords, they use for communication – knowledge, experiences and reflection.

The museum has both sections in Randers, Ebeltoft and Grenaa, where one can experience some of middle Jutland’s exciting and admirable history of civilization exhibitions. These exhibitions are filled with knowledge about beliefs, superstitions, and mystique. In Randers, among others one can experiences stone ruins from the Viking times and a Crafts Museum. 

The Mejlby stone – A magic message

The Mejlby stone at Museum Østjylland in Randers tells an incredible story about Âne, whom 1000 years ago raised the memorial stone over her son Eskil, who died in Øresund together with Thore. Four short lines imprinted with runic letter in the stone contain a big drama, which is told my the stone itself with the help of digital effects.

Moreover, you can see four other stone ruins at Museum Østjylland in Randers. At these stones you can meet our other Viking authors, who lived 1000 years ago: Spurv, Toke, Thorstein, Inge, Askatle and Spege. 

Gods & Myths

Gods and Myths lead the way to unique places from middle Jutland’s exciting past. Across the open landscape there are mysterious, mystical, and special stories to tell.

Go on a culture tour in the landscape. Explore the history of the place, where it happened and get an experience among giant stone ruins, big dolmens and passage graves, experience the churches buried treasure or become wiser on the tracks of war and cults in the Iron Age bogs. 

Museum Østjylland: Gods and Myths

At Museum Østjylland you can experience an exciting history of civilization from old times to new times.