Randers Fjord Event 2018 - See the program

Thursday the 16th of August


Geo Tour Randers - Black Label will be unveiled

Will attend

Friday the 17th of August


Welcome to Randers

 We will meet and have a cosy time in the tent. Here it is possible to get the Event armband and the Coins you ordered. The music from Memphis Mansion will sound in the background and provide a good atmosphere.

Will attend

Saturday the 18th of August

Welcome to the third MEGA Event in Randers – a homage to the King of Rock’n’Roll and an adventure-full journey into Elvis Presley’s treasury.

In 2018 Randers Fjord Event will be held in a totally unique locality – the only right place for the Event of the year!

A totally unique locality will provide the setting for Randers Fjord Event 2018. Memphis Mansion is a house inspired by Elvis Presley’s home in Graceland in Memphis… and in 2018 it will be the venue of the MEGA Event 2018 in Randers.

9-10.00        Breakfast

10-16.00      The event is open and you can enjoy and participate in the many geocaching activities

10-16.00      The Elvis Museum and the Elvis Shop at Memphis Mansion is open for visitors

15.00            Event caches is released

19-21.00      Dinner and entertainment

Will attend

Sunday the 19th of August


Goodbye to Randers

Will attend

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