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Thursday the 16th of August

GeoTour Randers – Black Label

GeoTour Randers was launched in 2017 and in 2018 we are launching an expansion of GeoTour Randers!

Now it's time to show some new places, sights and other good things in the area of Randers.

For that reason, we will host a GeoTour Randers event from 16.00-16.30.

At 16:00: Tourist Director Anne-Mette Knattrup bids welcome and she will tell us more about the expansion of GeoTour Randers. Emphasis is placed on cooperation with all involved in the development of GeoTour Randers.

At 16:30: The GeoTour Passport is handed out to all participants with coordinates for all caches on GeoTour Randers. It will be possible for you to download the GeoTour Randers Passport.

16.30: The new caches are unveiled.

Everyone is welcome!

Will attend


Friday the 17th of August

Welcome to Randers

We will meet and have a cosy time in the tent from 18-20.00. Here it is possible to get the Event armband and the Coins you ordered. The music from Memphis Mansion will sound in the background and provide a good atmosphere.

Will attend


Saturday the 18th of August

Welcome to the third MEGA Event in Randers – a homage to the King of Rock’n’Roll and an adventure-full journey into Elvis Presley’s treasury.

In 2018 Randers Fjord Event will be held in a totally unique locality – the only right place for the Event of the year!

A totally unique locality will provide the setting for Randers Fjord Event 2018. Memphis Mansion is a house inspired by Elvis Presley’s home in Graceland in Memphis… and in 2018 it will be the venue of the MEGA Event 2018 in Randers.


8.00 The mystery caches are released, so if you want to solve a few mysteries in the morning go right ahead.

9-10.00 Breakfast.

9.30 Henrik Knudsen, owner of Memphis Mansion and The Mayor of Randers, Torben Hansen, bids welcome to Randers.

10-16.00 The event is open, and you can enjoy and participate in the many geocaching activities

10-16.00 The Elvis Museum and the Elvis Shop at Memphis Mansion is open for visitors.

10-21.00 Memphis Mansion is open for purchase of refreshments (coffee, water, etc.).

10-15.00 Expand your lockpicking skills. Try your hand at lockpicking and the many different tools used.

10-15.00 Teamwork Required. Again, this year there will be an opportunity to try the tools used for geocaching. The team behind “Teamwork Required” has put together several activities to be tried and tested.

10-15.00 The geoshops are open and you have the opportunity to look at geo-equipment and other exciting geo-relatered equipment.

10-11.00 Speed Logging and meet Signal the Frog at the event venue.

13-14.00 Speed Logging at the event venue.

14-15.00 Meet Signal the Frog at the event venue.

15.00 Event caches are released.

19-20.30 Elvis Barbecue and entertainment. (Only for participants with Elvis Barbecue ticket).

20.30 The event tent opens to everyone.

20.30-21.00 Award ceremony for various competitions.

21.00 Who is Toa Ignika?

8- 22.00 All day. Labcaches will be released Wednesday and Saturday morning and it is possible to solve and find them during the event.

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Sunday the 19th of August

Goodbye Randers!

We meet in the tent at Memphis Mansion from 9.00 to 10.00 am. We will sign the log book, socialize and have fun before we say good bye to each other.

Buy your bread at the local bakery or in Bilka at Randers Storcenter and enjoy it at the event.

Adress for Bilka: Randers Storcenter, Merkurvej 55, 8960 Randers SØ

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