Walking- and running routes in Randers

Walking routes: 

Trækstien - route from Randers to Silkeborg. 

Lodsstien - 31 km from Udbyhøj south to Randers Harbour. 


Running routes:

This link shows you a great variety of running routes in and around Randers. The different routes are made by runners, so you are sure to find both beautiful and challenging routes. See them here.

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Here are 5 tips on where to run - from Randers Municipality:

At the Gudenå:
Run between the two brigdes - appros 6 km: Park at Randers Regnskov and run from the path under the Blue Bridge (Den Blå Bro) all the way to the high way brigde and back again.

Run to the bisons - approx 5 km:
Run from the path under the Blue Bridge (Den Blå Bro) over the railway bridge and follow the signs to the european Bison in Vorup Meadows (Vorup Enge).

At Nordre Fælled:
Sundhedssporet - approx 3 km:
The route begins and ends near the parking lot at Kompagnivej/Langvej. At the start, you will see a green with the text »Sundhedsspor start«. The route iis marked with red posts with green signs with red triangels on it. At the end, there is a green sign with the text »Sundhedsspor slut«.

5 km on level ground: 
This route begins at the same place as the above. The route is 5 km long and there is a mark for every 0,5 km. 

Ved Fussingø lake and forest:
Kuperet rute i Udskovene - 5 km:
This route is in Udskovene ved Ålum. It begins at the path right before Svinding Skovvej fra Gl. Viborgvej. The route is hard. There are marks for every 0,5 km.


In Randers you can get fantastic nature experiences even though you are still in the town. The river Gudenåen offers unique possibilities of fishing, sailing in canoe and kayak or simply enjoying the rich bird life during a walk along the river or in the meadows of Vorup Enge.

Go for a picnic or an excursion in the forests at Fussingø or in the cosy parks of the town. In Randers Dyrehave you can very close to the red deer and in Doktorparken you have the possibility of feeding the ducks.