In Randers you can get fantastic nature experiences even though you are still in the town. The river Gudenåen offers unique possibilities of fishing, sailing in canoe and kayak or simply enjoying the rich bird life during a walk along the river or in the meadows of Vorup Enge.

Go for a picnic or an excursion in the forests at Fussingø or in the cosy parks of the town. In Randers Dyrehave you can very close to the red deer and in Doktorparken you have the possibility of feeding the ducks.

History, Culture and Art

History awaits you around every corner with charming half-timbered houses, baroque castles and tales of brave men, who fought the invading enemy whether in 1340 or during World War II.


Randers offers one of Denmark’s best and most varied trade environments. Visit the narrow medieval streets, where the shops are established in cosy half-timbered houses, or Randers Storcenter.

Restaurants and Cafés

In Randers you can always get something good to eat. The restaurants of the town master the traditional Danish cuisine, the experimenting and innovative cuisine as well as foreign menus.

12 Cykelruter i Randers og omegn

12 cycling routes in Randers

Tag på cykeltur med en god historie i cykelkurven. Der er 12 forskellige ture af varierende længde. Turene har forskellige temaer f.eks. “Hvidsten Gruppen” og “Hamlet-ruten” m.fl. God tur!


Gods & Myths - Culture Paths

Welcome to Randers

Randers is known for its beautiful scenery with Gudenåen and Randers Fjord and its long history as a market town. Randers offers a wide range of experiences for both children and adults, and has unique experiences in art, culture and history. Holiday in Randers also means cozy shopping, delicious dining experiences and exciting events. 

On this page you will find inspiration and ideas for experiences in Randers and the surrounding area. You will also find information on everything from attractions, museums, events and arrangements to accommodation, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, transportation and further information you need to know when spending your holiday in Randers.