BeerWalk Randers

BeerWalk Randers

Beerwalk Randers is a way to experience Randers in a varied and easy way. We have chosen six of the city's bars and cafes, which together offer a wide selection of specialty beers.

The venues are all very different and are placed within the city centre – however all in within pleasant walking distance. Bring your friends and family and
enjoy a nice and cosy day with BeerWalk Randers.

Top attractions in Randers

Randers offers a number of interesting and fun attractions. Visit the tropical animals in Randers Regnskov tropical zoo or knock on the door to Elvis' house - a tribute to his house Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Randers Art museum and the open spaces in the city has plenty of classical and modern art, and Museum Østjylland invites you in to explore the past.