Nature Park Randers Fjord and Gudenåen

At the town of Randers, Gudenåen and Randers Fjord meet. The blue ribbon offers the most beautiful scenery and experiences at sea and on land.

Explore along Denmark's longest river or in Randers Fjord Nature Park. There is plenty to experience for the whole family and all year round.

Naturepark Randers Fjord

History, wildlife and, not least, beautiful nature, are what the Randers Fjord Nature Park can offer to people of all ages. Explore the raw nature with small idyllic villages and lots of wildlife that can be enjoyed from multiple perspectives.

Ferries i Naturepark Randers Fjord


At Randers, the Gudenå river and Randers Fjord meet. The Gudenå is with its 176 km. Denmark's longest river. Explore the most beautiful scenery. There is plenty to experience all year round.

Take a bike ride along the Gudenå River.

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