Hammel Golfklub

Hammel Golf Club is located in the small oasis between Hammel By and Frijsenborg Estate with its associated large forest areas.

Hammel Golf Club has wide fairways and biting semirough lanes between open expanses, hilly terrain, and idyllic lake areas. On the large course area you will see larger and smaller trees in beautiful association with beautifully landscaped shrubs. Along the way, well-chosen planting, beautifully trimmed greens as well as a number of fairway bunkers and, of course, the sometimes ubiquitous rough that require attention and consideration are experienced.

Enjoy the Café

After your well-rounded round, the staff of Café 19 will be ready with a well-deserved meal and drinks at the tables inside / outside, where you can "comment" the round and enjoy your fellow players in a relaxing atmosphere - while also having the opportunity to enjoy the great results on hole 1 and the fine input towards the 18th green just a few meters from you.

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