Østervold og Den Jyske Hingst

The history behind the jutlandic stallion on Østervold

The jutlandic stallion were created by Helen Schou, and it was put up in 1969 as a relic on the famous horse markets, and the impressive work with breeding the jutlandic horses the area where known for. Together with Randers Dragonerne (a military company that rode) the big horse markets, and the breeding of the horses, it was without doubt that Randers was a city of horses.

In the end of the 40’s the markets could contain more than 2000 horses, but in the end 50’s the horse markets came to an end.

Østervold and King Christian the third

Østervold runs around the place where King Christian the third built the city embankment in relation to his fortification of Randers in the 1550’s.