Gråbrødre (grey brothers) convent

This was the place for the city’s greybrothers convent in medieval times. In 1535, the convent was turned to the crown after the reformation. The king, Christian the third made it into Dronningborg castle, named after his wife, Queen Dorothea.

Dronningborg Castle, Peter von Spreckelsen and Bodil Steens 

The castle was torn down in the beginning of the 1700 hundreds after being owned by Peter von Spreckelsens from 1662. The girl looking after the hens, fastly advance to mistress, and housekeeper. She was power hungry, had a bad temper, and treated the servants very poorly. More than once, she attacked the servant girls harshly, two so bad that they ended up dyeing. She was accused of murder. While one of the cases where going on, the witness where found shot, and nothing could be proved, she did not get punished. In 1711 on the other hand, she was judged for offending the king, and ended her day in the prison Hammershus at Bornholm.

Slotspladsen today

Today slotspladsen (the castle square) is the framework for trade, active Café environment and entertainment. Per Nebles “Et Randers spil (A Randers game)” which consists of 13 white spheres to symbolize the roads leading to Randers in the olden days.