Underværket og Jens Otto Krags Plads

Underværket are an untraditional market and culture house, which was founded in 2000. A lively environment, where people are able to meet across ethnic backgrounds. Both artists, traders and different associations and clubs can be found here. There is also concerts and other happenings, so remember to keep an eye on the event program.


At Jens Otto Krags square, a statue of Jens Otto Kragh have its place, h was the prime minister of Denmark from 1962-1968 and again from 1971-1972. This where the man who got Denmark to join the EF (now called the EU) and became known for specially one citation all over the country “you got one point of view, until you take another one”.


This is also the place where you can consider taking a break from the star route, and walk down Toldbodgade, along the harbor to GAIA Museum Outsider Art. In pictures and experiences, GAIA shows artwork, made by artists on the edge of social abnormality and outside of the common artworld.