Walking route - Trækstien

The trail is a nature trail of approx. 70 km, which follows the Gudenå from Silkeborg to Randers.

Trækstien walking route 

Walk in the footsteps of the people who pulled the old barges along the Gudenaa in the 1800's. The walking (Trækstien) path along the Gudenaa is known as the Træksti and was originally accessible from Silkeborg to Randers, where barges with goods were pulled along the Gudenaa. Along the path you will find beautiful nature and a diverse willdlife. The barges slowly saw their end as a means of transporting good from Silkeborg to Randers with the installment of railways. And today the Gudenaa is mainly used for canooeing.

It is a beautiful path and if the weather permits, it is the perfect place to enjoy your lunch in nature.

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