Experiences in Nature in Randers
Vorup Enge

12 cycling routes in Randers

Randers offers completely unique experiences because of the amazing nature that surrounds the city. The river Gudenå, Randers Fjord, Kattegat and Mariager Fjord all combined make the grounds for hundreds of fantastic hours in the nature surrounding Randers.

With 12 themed routes in and around Randers, we have made it easier for you to plan your chose your own personal cycling experience.

The routes are not signposted along the way but here you can find detailed maps, download a GPX file for your phone or GPS and not least find tips for what you can experience along the way.

Fussing Sø - Nature

From Gudenå to a bathing lake

Beach at Udbyhøj and Randers Fjord

Around the Fjord

Randers Regnskov - Danmarksparken

Children's route around Randers

Langå Station

The mountain and hill route

Fladbro Forest

Around Randers

The bridge over Gudenå

Around the remains of the Gudenå river delta

The Hvidsten Resistance Group

Asferg Church

Runestones and other ancient monuments

Hamlet's Grave

The Hamlet Route

Læsten Bakker

Fussingø and Læsten Bakker

Justesens Plæne and the blue bridge

Along the old railway

Road and avenue at Ørum Church

Around the Gudenå